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If you're looking to register for any of the following you've come to the right place:

  • Edina Community Education Adult Education Courses
  • Edina Community Education Youth Classes & Camps
  • Edina Facilities Use Requests
  • Edina Family Center (ECFE, Preschool & Childcare)
  • Edina KIDS Club/WISE Guys/SURGE

To get started registering for Adult or Youth courses, classes & camps, Edina Family Center, or KIDS Club/WISE Guys/SURGE online you will need an account.

Account set-up is encouraged prior to the beginning of Edina Family Center and Edina KIDS Club/WISE Guys/SURGE registration.

Otherwise you can take a look around and see what courses we are offering. If you see something you like, go ahead and add it to your cart, we'll sign you up for an account then.